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Whidbey Island in Spring


Spring is here and the Gordon travels have begun. Ben’s father and step mother live on the beautiful Whidbey Island just out of Seattle Washington. We haven’t been to visit is over 9 years. Air travel is expensive and a three day drive with 4 kids there and back just isn’t feasible. While searching for cheap air fare for get aways we found tickets to Washington where we could fly for $80 a person round trip. We had to plan a visit! After much drama because of some health issues we finally set out on our adventure.

Flying with kids is always so much fun. No really this time it was. They are all finally old enough to entertain themselves, follow directions and hold their bladder. I have waited years for this. They all had a back pack full of things to keep them busy and snacks. Oliver declared that “Right when the airplane takes off it feels like you are being forced to dissolve into the air. ” I had never heard such a perfect description of take off.

whidbey flying

The five day trip was perfectly full of fun activities and relaxation. We browsed shops and went to a museum.

whidbey warf

Spent time at Deception Pass. Which is a freaky high bridge. The rest of the family wanted to walk across it. I passed and took pictures instead. Beautiful!

whidbey deception

Of course the most important part was playing in the ocean. Collecting sea shells and investigating tide pools and local Native American lore.


whidbey dannica

whidbey tree whidbey harrison whidbey everett

We also celebrated a delayed Passover Seder with Ben’s dad officiating. It was a good first experience for the kids. And we got a special visit from our cousin Sam. Who happened to be our ring bearer 15 years ago and is now 6 foot 4.  Getting to taste the unusual food and hear the stories helped link the children to their past. It was easy to imagine Ben as a little boy going through the same symbolism with his Papa.

whidbey sadar

Oliver blatantly requested mussels for dinner. The mussels harvested in Penn Cove are world famous. A neighbor also brought over some delicious crab. I think I ate half the mussels myself. So delicious.

whidbey food

Sailing is a big deal to Gordon men. Ben grew up sailing with his Papa and he was excited to take the kids. All the boys camped out on the sailboat. They had a great time it is essentially a camper on water. The girls stayed home and got ice cream, pizza and watched girl movies. Mama Mia, Never Been Kissed and Practical Magic if you want to know. 🙂 Practical Magic was actually filmed in the town we were staying in. When were were about town we observed so unique locals.

whidbey computer









Yes, that was real.

The next morning we joined them on the boat for a day of sailing. The wind picked up perfectly and we had a great time. All the kids got to man the helm and help with the sails.

whidbey sailing

The kids frolicked in grass watching local deer and birds, I caught up with my lovely wicked step mother in law, and we had some fun time away. I also spent much time resting planning for my surgery when I returned.

Adventure rating:7

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