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When the Going Gets Tough


I’m sure many of you have seen in the news that the US has declared 60 Russian diplomats persona non grata, and that Russia has responded in kind.  I can only imagine the stress and heartache my colleagues in Russia and our counterparts in Seattle must be going through.  Here is a very touching blog post by the spouse of the Deputy Chief of Mission (second-in-command) at our Embassy in Moscow.  Please read it and think about the sacrifices we in the Foreign Service make for love of our country.

When the Going Gets Tough

“Those of us left behind will stay tough and keep the mission going. Last week we rallied around our friends and did what we could to help them meet the deadline for departure. Next week, the halls of a building emptied of some of the finest people I have the privilege of knowing, will be walked by some of the finest people I have the privilege of knowing. And we will pick up the pieces, carry on the work, and continue to live here in this sometimes gloomy, but ever vibrant and enigmatic city.”

I am proud to be part of this service.

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