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Print Day in May


We are very lucky to have access to the diplomatic pouch, even to receive personal mail.  Many expats here essentially have no (practical) options for receiving mail.  We do have FexEx and DHL in Lagos, but it is fairly cost-prohibitive to use them for most things.  One downside to the diplomatic pouch, however, is that mail sent through it all goes to a warehouse in Virginia, and is then forwarded to us as space is available, which can take a long time.  I think the fastest we’ve ever received something sent from the states is about 3 weeks, and it is often 6 weeks.  My mom sent us invitations to participate in an event organized by someone she knows from a printmaking club she is part of, called Print Day in May.

She sent the mail with the invitation postcards at the end of march, and they arrived this week, only just in time.  There were participants in Print Day in May from all 50 states, and from dozens of countries.

Here is a list of participants and their locations around the world

Essentially, all participants were supposed to make some sort of print yesterday, and then share it.  Here is the blog post with our kids’ work.

Lifeunparalleled Printing in Lagos, Nigeria

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