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Munich 2018

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The ride to the airport was eventful. We will never fly out on a Friday again, and definitely not the Friday that school releases for Winter Holiday. It was crazy and took us about 4 hours to make the 10 mile trip. There were so many people traveling that all the airport lounges were essentially out of food. Our credit cards included airport lounge access which saves us from having to buy meals for our family of 6 when we travel. It saves us so much money. Our overnight flight was uneventful. It is so nice that the kids are old enough and have enough travel experience to be really amazing and self efficient when we travel now. What a difference 18 months makes!

We were so happy to be able to spend some time out side right away. Our AirB&B’s were kindly booked by Ben’s mother and she did a great job. Our first place was in a small town just out of Munich and near the airport. It had a stream running near by and a walking trail moseying around a pond. It was just what our nature deprived hearts needed.

Our first meal in Germany included currywusrt, schnitzel, and other such German staples. It was a small homestyle restaurant and the owner didn’t really speak English and we didn’t speak German. The menu was written on a black board. It was delicious though. Nothing else we ate for much of the trip topped this currywurst. Looks gross but it was so delicious.

We spent our first 24 hours walking and enjoying the warm heated floors while waiting for the rest of our family to arrive into town. Ben’s mom and step dad were coming from an extended trip around Europe and his sister and brother in law from the US.

It started snowing and the kids were so excited they spent much time scraping snow off the outside table and eating it. Gross but such a kid thing to do.

The second night we drove into Munich to attend their inspirational Christmas market. Our first Christmas Market ever!! It was magical. Above Ben and his step dad John enjoy some gluhwein. So many beautifully handmade items and great food. It was cold but everyone was just happy to be out and about.

This restaurant served all sorts of German sausages. The heat from the woodsmoke was supposed to be turning but I suspect electricity was involved. Lovely none the less.


We all enjoyed some of unusual instruments played by the various street performers. We also enjoyed this mans unusual clothing choice for freezing weather.

Our time in Munich was brief. We will visit again soon. The drive out through the country side into Austria was some of the most beautiful I have seen.

Fog. Something not experienced in Nigeria for sure.

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