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March, April and May-Lagos 2019

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It was a busy spring.

Harrison was asked to perform at the Dutch School by his violin teacher. He had a great time.
Raingutter ragata race!
Pinewood derby. Some of those dads take this very seriously!
Third place. His friend Kayaan to the right moved the South Africa the week before school ended. It was the beginning of feeling loss for friends moving on and being left behind.
We took the Bear Scout to a local beach and helped clean up. 11 boys picked up 499 plastic bottle caps in a 5 minute relay.
Our Bear Scout group less 4 scouts. They are such a fun bunch we really enjoyed working with them for the last two years. I hope someone steps up to continue next year. Hint hint*
Roger moved from Scout to Tenderfoot and earned his Swimming, Citizenship in the World, Pets and Music merit badges.
Harrison moved from Second Class to First Class and earned Swimming, Citizenship in the World, Personal Fitness, Pottery, Music, and Reading Merit badges.
Dannica was Erzulie in the musical Once on this Island. See her post for more details.
Dannica went to prom with a big group of friends and had a great time. Four girls joined us for a getting ready party. I am getting much better at doing various types of hair.
The theater class put on a Broadway Night the last week of school here they are performing What I Did for Love from Chorus Line
Breathe from In the Heights
Wait for Me from Hades Town
Both Reach for the Gun from Chicago, Dannica as the reporter
This was a pretty amazing crew of kids for Dannica to grown her musical and acting skills with. We will miss them all. Especially Mark Patton her teacher and our dear friend. They are moving on to amazing Zimbabwe!
The London Crew! How I love these young adults. We all have a special bond and already have a London reunion planned form 2023!
We played with and said good bye to friends like Arthur as they moved on to their next post Barbados. We will visit for sure.
We were invited by our amazing group of Israeli friends to enjoy Passover Seder with them. It was a lovely and late night. We really hope to be posted in Israel some day.
We fit in as much time as we could with Paul and Liz. Paul takes his bartending skills seriously and the hard work pays off.
Our friend Rebecca threw an amazing Kentucky Derby Party with fascinators and everything.
Oliver has been obsessed with Beagles for al long as I can remember. Our friends Edith and Lindon are nice enough to let Oliver come play with Jadie.
Nimphadora has mastered to art of the lounge.
I spend many of my days with these two following me around the apartment.

We visit the orphanage when ever we can but it isn’t often enough. The kids enjoy spending time with their baby and toddler friends.

My friend Ella is a community health worker and midwife at the clinic. She has been sick with a mystery illness all throughout her pregnancy and was hospitalized multiple times. I felt so lucky she called me in for her birth and she and baby are doing ok. A few days after discharge she was back in the hospital. I was able to donate some blood for a much needed transfusion. She is doing much better now.

I went to a Zumbathon with LeAnn. It was hot and sweaty and they didn’t have water to sell until it was more than half over but it was fun. It is nice very my torn hip/back muscle is finally improving after over a year. Hurt it in yoga of course.

The kids school had an arts night. It was great seeing and hearing all of the wonderful work by the kids but it was far far too long. 5-10 pm.

Roger- He swears he isn’t depressed. 🙂 This was an imagined scene from the family D and D game.
Baby Sea Turtle by Roger
Photography by Harrison. He was on yearbook this year.
Ceramics by Harrison
Artwork by Dannica also a really cool collage stool
Oliver participated in the elementary school play. This was an odd scene where the children pretended to slap each other?!
Roger enjoyed fencing but was sad he was the only kid who signed up so he didn’t get to fight as much.
Harrison had a small birthday party so that he could use the money saved to buy a new phone. They played games and ate food.
This is a fun game called Left Center Right. Naira was used as the currency. It s a good game for teens check it out.
Roger was voted citizen of they year by the sixth grade. It is the only peer based award and he was selected by his fellow students for being kind, helpful, and all around good friend. He also achieved high honors for his grades.
Dannica achieved honors for her grades and a special award for drama.
Everyone standing are kids moving out of Lagos this summer. Crazy to have a 30% student body change over every year. Life of an international school I guess.
We said good bye to our good friends the Pattons. They are headed to Zimbabwe for their next adventure. Their support at the school was instrumental to our family’s survival over the last two years. We are really thankful Dannica had such great drama, geography and english teachers.
Last day of school dinner out and summer haircuts.
Lagos, building land using plastic bottles and layers of sand.

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