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Just Call Me Mr. Agama


There is a popular forum in Nigeria called Nairaland, which is kind of like reddit.  Both the US Embassy in Abuja and the US Consulate in Lagos have handles on Nairaland with which we answer questions about the visa application process.  There are threads dedicated to applying for visas to many western countries, including the US, threads dedicated to US student visas, a thread dedicated to giving birth in the US (legal), etc.  Sometimes applicants post “transcripts” of both successful and unsuccessful visa interviews to try to help eachother, and sometimes I recognize my interviews.  Several of the consular officers (generally referred to as “visa officer” or “vo” on Nairaland) get nicknames from the regular posters.  Today I was reading one of “my” transcripts, and saw this gem:

What is an agama lizard?  Glad you asked.  They are all over Lagos.  They are cool looking grey lizards with bright orange heads.  And they’re fast.  I’ve been trying to get a photo of one for a while, but every time I spot one, by the time I get a camera out, it’s gone.  Fortunately I managed to get a short video of one just last week.


Yet another cultural difference identified.  In the US, it is customary to nod one’s head while listening to someone, giving acknowledgement that one is still listening.  That is not a Nigerian custom.  Just call me Mr. Agama.

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