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I’m Crazy About the Right Pen

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Some people think I am a little bit crazy. I am crazy about finding awesome products that make my life easier, run smoother and often just plain more awesome.

Today’s post is about pens. But not just any pens, truly erasable pens. Does anyone remember the terrible erasable ball point pens from the 80’s? It was basically a normal pen only it had an eraser, made out of rubberized sandpaper, to allow you to carefully sand a whole in your paper and erase your mistakes.

Look familiar to anyone?

They were just plain awful. Because I use the amazing form of  Bullet Journaling to keep my crap together I have been looking for an erasable pen. My favorite pens in the past were the Pilot Gel pens. They weren’t great for this task because they took a minute to dry on the paper in my journal. Ultimately I discovered that Pilot made an amazing erasable gel pen called.

Pilot friXion Erasable Pen







*Affiliate link. If you purchase from this like Amazon throws a tiny bit of $ my way with no increased cost to you*

I am now crazy about these pens. You can even get refills of the ink but not the eraser. The eraser doesn’t wear away. It is a jelly shoe type consistency. I don’t know….I’m not sure the science of it but I am really glad they work so well. One warning though if you write something and it is exposed to extreme cold it may show up again. My kids think this is amazingly cool and have been writing each other secret codes that they place in the freezer to decipher, and then I yell at them for taking MY pen. I haven’t been able to find them in any store locally. Amazon is your best bet. If someone finds them please let me know.

I hope they make your life easier, run smoother, and just plain more awesome!

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