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Hanukkah 2018


We were lucky enough to host a great Hanukkah celebration again this year. We had made so many friends in the 18 months we had been here and we didn’t want to leave anyone out so we ended up with about 80 guests. A friends and colleague were gracious enough to co host with us in their great apartment. They have one of the top floor units which means almost double the floor space plus a on the roof patio that is fabulous. Ben ordered chairs and tables from the consulate warehouse. I did lots of shopping and prepared what I could ahead of time. On the day of I employed two other stewards(maids/cooks) plus Margaret to help with frying 400 latkes and 100’s of doughnuts Nigerian style called puffpuff. Guests also brought food. It was a wonderful evening. The kids ran wild and played driedle and the adults ate and ate. We felt very pensive when it was over knowing we are moving soon. 

Thanks to the kids school and cubscouts we have become friends with several Israeli families that are currently living in Nigeria. They are a happy group. Well educated, lots of kids our kids ages, easy to talk to, quick to laugh. One of the women especially reminds me of one of Ben’s aunts. Anyways they have an active Jewish community here and invited us to a large Hanukkah celebration. Plenty of food, celebrating and special musical guest from Israel. The kids got to use candles to light candles in the audience showing how light spreads. They loved it. We had to leave before the music started though as it was a school night and already really late. Fabulous time and we were so happy they invited us!


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