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Halloweens of Years Past


We take Halloween seriously in the Gordon family.  We celebrated our first Foreign Service Halloween this weekend, and had a great time.  I’ll give that a separate post in the near future, but I also wanted to catalogue (and maybe show off a bit) our older Halloween efforts.  This is an image-intensive post.

2016 – Antman


2016 – Ursula (self designed and made)

2016 – The Shadow

2016 – Blue Man and Blue Man Groupie

2016 – Professor Moody

2016 – My drumbone was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. It was fun walking up to kids and handing them my drumsticks so they could play it. I stayed in character – no talking.


2015 – A Dragon, a She-Pirate, a Jester, a Phantom, a Tavern Wench and a Knight.

2014 – Sushi, Sushi Chef, Spiderman, The Karate Kid, Captain Hook, a Devil

2014 – Being Judged in the costume contest.

2013 – Peacock, Zombie, Dude with a Rocket Pack, Ninja, Dragon

2013 – “I believe I can fly!”

2012 – Oliver as the bear – ALL 4 of our kids wore this costume at one point- with a hippie, Dracula, and Wolverine.

2012 – The Dread Pirate Roberts – Dy went as Buttercup


2012 – It’s weird enough that my mustache grows in blonde with my brown hair.  I can’t say that this wig made it look any less creepy (not an actual halloween costume, but my wife won’t let me live this photo down.)

2011 – 2 dragons, a knight, and a princess

2011 – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. I tried a bald cap, and it just didn’t look right, so I went for it. Adam was attached to the table, which was suspended from my neck by the PVC, so I could walk around as both of them.


No turning back now!


Let no one question my comittment to a costume.


2010 – Cowgirl, Dragon, Batman, and Everett wearing the Bear.


2010 – Lloyd Dobler from “Say Anything” complete with a CD burned with 14 tracks of “In Your Eyes.”


2009 – The Grim Ripper from “Guitar Hero II”

2009 – Little Red Riding Hood

2009 Spiderman

2009 – Buzz Lightyear

2009 – freshly hatched chick.


2009 – And I do mean freshly hatched.  Oliver was 1 week old


2008 – Knight who says “Ni!”, the Rabbit of Caerbannog, 2 dragons and a Unicorn.  This was probably my favorite costume ever.  I was up on a ladder, about 10 feet tall. I just threw candy down at kids.  There was a clear generational gap between kids who hadn’t seen Monty Python and looked at me confused and asked why I was a tall deer, and those who had seen Monty Python and cracked up.


We have no photographic evidence, but we’ve had some other great costumes.  In 2005 we went as Peter Pan (me), Wendy (Dy), and 2 lost boys (Dannica in the bear suit above, and Harrison at age 4 months in a Skunk suit).  Last, but not least, our first Halloween dressing up together, freshman year of college:

Juliet and Romeo, post dagger and poison. Halloween 1999.

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