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Cane Market

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About a month ago the consulate planned a field trip to a local cane market. We decided to leave Oliver home but I thought the older kids might enjoy getting out and mixing with more of the locals and seeing some cool craftsmanship. It was pretty amazing to watch people take a simple material like cane and wood and weave and construct lovely products.

The village popped up under a highway underpass. People live and work in these spaces.


Raw product ready to be worked.

Raw material ready to be used.


Elderly woman chopping large cane to the correct lengths for furniture with machete.

No retirement in Nigeria.


Cane strips are sliced by skilled workers from long lengths of cane.




Bare bones square patio chair.


Patio chair getting closer


Finished product


Rounded love seat


Basket options with many weaving styles


Everett Roger was especially surprised to see dogs. You almost never see them in Nigeria.


Baby bassinet.


Joyful boy with stick and skateboard wheels.


Work is a family affair. Live, work, eat, sleep, repeat.


Cold drinks! (Reused bottles)


The kids were less impressed then I thought they would be, it was good to have a place for them to relax.


Our group was just so interesting.


Our spoils! Four Easter baskets and a large basket that now holds throw blankets in the living room. Everything instantly went to spend 48 hours in our deep freezer. Hidden termites are a big problem and that will kill them off.


We commissioned this piece. I really wanted a shoe rack to hold shoes by the front door but I didn’t see what I wanted. I saw a old broken shelf like this that had baskets for sale stacked on it. I asked the craftsman if he could make me a new one. Three days later it was custom made and delivered to my house. Cost= 3,000 Naira =$12 US Dollars

We will return to the cane market for sure at a later date. I want me some patio furniture!

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