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Today Was a Good Day


Today was a good day all around.  At work we met with someone from the Canadian Consulate and learned about how they do visa processing.  Theirs is a document based system, but when it comes down to it, the cases are evaluated based on very similar criteria to those we use in our interviews.  It’s always interesting to meet with our international partners and learn how they do things. I came home from work to find that maintenance had followed through on their promise yesterday to finally get out to our apartment and hang art for us.  They didn’t get quite all of it, but probably 90% of our decor is displayed.  It made such a difference in how home-like the apartment felt.  Best of all, 4 months after we arrived in Lagos (and 2.5 months after our car arrived in Lagos), our car was finally released to us, with my very first set of diplomatic plates.  It has been stressful trying to keep up with 4 kids and 2 adults worth of activities relying on motorpool and borrowed rides.  I think we owe a couple of our friends several tanks of gas by now.  This evening, life looks pretty good in Lagos.

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