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Quick Summary of Our First Two Weeks

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It has been a busy 2 weeks.  The orientation course for new Foreign Service Officers (informally known as A-100) is jam packed with info from HR, policy briefings from the leadership of the Department of State’s Regional Bureaus, researching posts and filling out our bid-lists, and a multitude of other events.  Among all that work, and settling in to a new home 2 time-zones away from our old home, we’ve managed to have some fun.  Here is a brief recap:

Nothing can keep me from the Foreign Service (good thing we planned to get to the airport 4 hours early).


Leaving On a Jet Plane…With 4 Kids, a Cat, a Dog, and 17 Bags.


Good girl, diplodog! We had planned to have her fly in her kennel in the cargo hold, but they were able to get her in at Dy’s feet (sorry honey).


They have warned us that life in the Foreign Service isn’t all cocktail parties and fancy dinners, like in the movies. It is, apparently, that on occasion. This is the view from a wine and cheese reception for new Consular Officers the first week.


Bucket List Item Achieved! Cherry Blossoms!


We had a bit of snow (and a lot of cold), but some blossoms survived.


Did I mention it was COLD? I guess I should have packed my nice wool overcoat in my suitcase rather than sending it with my UAB.


We’ve made it to 3 Smithsonian Museums and 1 Monument so far.  Some fantastic learning opportunities for this homeschooling family!

The fabled “selfie in which everyone looks pretty good”


Last, but not least, my first day at State’s main building. In the entryway are displayed the flags of every county with which we have diplomatic relations.


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