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New Apartment-Living Room and Kitchen


We arrived in our new home a week ago  I know when I was researching the Foreign Service Lifestyle I was really interested in housing and furniture. When you move every 2-4 years it is the little things that make things feel like home. Or so everyone says, who knows I’m brand new at this! Housing varries around the world. Single family homes. Duplexes. Town homes. Apartments. All are part of the housing pool and they vary based on the area, costs, and security concerns. Here everyone is in apartment compounds because it is a big city with not much land and safety issues. Our apartment is about 1,700 sf and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Our last house was 3,600 sf and 6 bedrooms and 3 baths. It was beautiful and I loved it but it was too big. I was excited to simplify.

There are two main styles of furniture made for the Foreign Service with some others sprinkled in for good measure. That means that people all over the world will have similar furniture to you. It is all made by Drexel. We got the most common style. Mohagany Queen Anne Style. I actually don’t mind the style and had some pieces of furniture similar before  I have never had a whole household full though.  I am looking forward to the challenge of regular change and adapting our home with every move. We get a Welcome Kit of supplies to tide us over until our personal belongings get here in a few months. Things like pots and pans, sheets, towels etc.   So many of the items you see are our loaner items. So I’m posting for posterity and for people who find these things interesting here are pictures of our living room, dining room and kitchen. I was most worried about leaving my kitchen and I am not disappointed. This one is great and even bigger than the one in our house. Bedrooms will be posted in a separate post.

In the corner is our washer and drier. It looks like a tiny stackable but it is actually huge. I can do 3 loads at once. There is also our distiller which is where we get all of our cooking and drinking water to ensure we don’t get sick.

We have a great porch that I can’t wait to fill with plants.


Table is huge. We have 12 chairs and two more leaves to add. Another patio looks over the neighborhood.


Gas stove which is always great.


Big pantry and a deep freezer they included. The kids love the fridge. It has one of those access areas at front to get to the milk stored in the door. The kids have taken to shelf stable milk easily. Yay!


I love the station for all of my appliances. It is especially nice since I have to run everything through a transformer. There is plenty of space.


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