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National Museum of the American Indian


Home school was out. Finals were finished. So we decided to celebrate by going to a quick museum that especially Harrison had been looking forward to, The National Museum of the American Indian. Our family knows quite a lot about Native Americans because of living in the West and the fact that my mother is completely infatuated with the culture. We were excited to learn more about the Native Americans of the East coast though. The building was beautiful and the water elements were so peaceful.


We visited on a Friday early afternoon and the museum was almost empty which we preferred. We first did some paper weaving of which I took no pictures. The boys then practiced balancing in a canoe and building a igloo with these foam pieces. That was nearly 30 minutes of entertainment.

Dannica and I loved the beautiful bead work for the saddles

The view from inside was glorious.

On our way back to the car their was a motorcycle cop the boys became enthralled with. He was kind enough to take a picture with them.

My favorite exhibit, of which of course I took no photos, was about the Inka . Yes Inka not Inca. This blog explains why the more correct spelling is with a k. It showed all the amazing weaving, gold work, and stonework they did. I loved the unit on their rope bridges though. I cant imagine spinning all that rope and then trusting it to transverse across these huge chasms. Amazing. And so strong. Even though I got few photos this was my favorite museum we have attended in D.C. Make the time to visit. It is a great break from the crowds.

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