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My New Alarm Clock is for the Birds


Every morning I am awoken by the same sound:



I think it sounds surprisingly like:

It makes for a startling beginning of the day. When moving to Lagos I knew it would be noisy and full of the sounds of the city. I completely underestimated how loud the birds would be though.

There are wild chickens every where.

Cute little new hatchlings!


They love to roost in our garbage pile out side the compound. Kiva the dog knows this and races to chase them out of the cage. Naughty!


Let’s just say that “Why did the chicken cross the road? “Jokes have become a family favorite.

Ben said a very common profession declared on his non-immigrant visa applications is chicken farmer. He asks them to clarify exactly how many chickens they have. Some chicken farmers allow the chickens to run free range in the city and they identify them by a specific colored yarn tied to their legs. Some people wake up before dawn and listed to the true tell clucking sound of a chicken laying eggs then they harvest them.

The other common sound I wake to many mornings is this:

There are several African Grey’s that live in the trees near bye. I recognized their call immediately as my family had one growing up.

Needless to say there are lots of sounds in Lagos. I expected the city sounds of traffic, people and generators but I have been pleasantly surprised by the abundance of nature sounds that bless my ears through out the day. The world is a beautiful place if you are willing to look.

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