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My 100ish Things


I have always been more of a minimalist. I think it was just how I was born. This was compounded when I read an article about a man, David Bruno, who did an experiment of living with 100 things for one year. With my love of travel and minimalism it got me thinking if I could do that. It has been harder for me to embrace my minimalist nature because of a few things. My mother is an organized hoarder. You know the type, keeps everything but they all end up in organized and labeled boxes. She remembers everything she has ever given me or my children and expects me to keep it all or return it to her. I homeschool my kids and with that comes tons of stuff. My husband is sentimental and likes to keep many things. If love something I write about it, use it enjoy it, but I won’t ever pull it back out again. I donated by trophies from high school to the high school when I graduated for example. I feel no need to display them or store them in a box, but many people do. No judgement unless your stuff starts taking over my unstuffed stop. Got it. 😉

What do I really value?

What do I need to survive?

What brings me joy?

So I did it I wrote out my list of 100 things(give or take) a few rules.

  • for certain things I counted a group as one
  • I did not go into any sentimental items from my children such as my belly casts, baby books etc.
  • I included things I would need to keep my family alive such as a cooking pot, but this is assuming things like bedding would be on their own list.
  1. underwear -one weeks worth
  2. bras- 2 regular, 2 sports
  3. exercise pants-2
  4. tank top/undershirt-2
  5. exercise/casual shirt-2
  6. Posture/Yoga supplies-mat, ball, band all fit in one bag
  7. jeans-3
  8. black pants-2
  9. undershirt in black and white-2
  10. PJ’s-2
  11. capri pants-2
  12. raincoat
  13. fleece-2
  14. sun hat
  15. winter hat
  16. gloves
  17. short sleeve shirt-4
  18. long sleeve shirt -4
  19. 3/4 length sleeve shirt -4
  20. long dress-3
  21. skirt-2
  22. swimsuit
  23. Chaco sandals
  24. Vivo black heels
  25. hiking boots
  26. athletic shoes
  27. snow boots
  28. slippers
  29. socks-5
  30. winter coat
  31. computer
  32. phone
  33. down comforter
  34. sheets/mattress pad
  35. pillows-2
  36. bed
  37. brush/comb
  38. toothbrush/paste
  39. concealer
  40. powder
  41. blush
  42. mascara
  43. eyebrow powder
  44. tweezer/nail clipper kit
  45. eyeliner
  46. shampoo/conditioner
  47. razor
  48. curling iron
  49. hair dryer
  50. bobby pins
  51. hairspray
  52. rubber bands
  53. Vitamix blender
  54. pressure cooker
  55. cast iron frying pan
  56. large pot
  57. plate
  58. bowl
  59. cup
  60. measuring cup/spoons
  61. utensils
  62. whisk
  63. good knife
  64. can opener
  65. stir spoon
  66. mixing bowl
  67. Bosch mixer
  68. 9×13 pan
  69. cookie sheet
  70. bread pan
  71. sleeping bag
  72. sleeping pad
  73. backpacking back pack
  74. purse
  75. hydration back pack
  76. hammock
  77. dish soap
  78. laundry soap
  79. packet knife
  80. earrings-3 pairs
  81. necklace-3
  82. shovel
  83. pruners
  84. life jacket
  85. tent
  86. pen/pencil
  87. notebook
  88. towel
  89. sunscreen
  90. table
  91. chair
  92. Nook reader
  93. books-10
  94. Haiti painting
  95. Mother of all Living painting
  96. Desert painting
  97. crystal swans from Ben’s grandmother-2
  98. midwife bag
  99. first aid kit
  100. Kids bronzed baby shoes
  101. a glass globe I got from Italy on my honey moon
  102. Picture album-2 one of family, 1 of midwife photos

As you can see I am not one for sentimental or many clothes. When counted out individually that is 69 clothing items including things for winter and summer and all the way down to underwear. 7 of the items listed were makeup which I could live with out. So based on the things that are important to me I can deduce a few things about myself.

I love the out doors and being outside is important to me.

I like to read.

I like to cook.

I like artwork.

A warm soft bed is very important to me.

The crazy thing is I did this exercise about 6 months ago and got rid of so many more things I didn’t value and I am reasonably close to living this way. Especially with clothing. There are all the shirts I own, year round.


What did your list of 100 things teach you about yourself?


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