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Leaving Nigeria


I was never going to do this post. It was just too hard. But while training at FSI this fall Ben and I were approached by a fan who reads our blog…yes there are a couple who aren’t family and friends. 🙂 And she pointed out that we hadn’t written in ages and she thought we were here for training but she wasn’t sure and she was so glad she got to meet us and most importantly “Why aren’t we still writing?”

Leaving Lagos was hard. For many reasons. It had become our home. It was also not the easiest place to live. It sucked and was great all in one giant uncomfortable emotion. Some say the love for your first post will never be matched. We miss the people and the friends we made every single day. These are some of our final good byes. The kids each have dozens of pictures saying farewell to their friends and I didn’t feel like I could begin to share all of their emotions so these are mostly just mine. On top of the difficultly of leaving we were being separated as a family. Dannica got a summer job at the consulate and Ben wouldn’t be joining us in DC until October.

My time at the clinic helped me to better understand and love Nigerian culture.
I miss how easy people smile in Naija every single day.
Two of my favorite people, so glad they decided to give me a change.
My friends Saira and Sabeen-expat doctors and IBCLC that I loved getting to know working at the clinic
My first friend in Lagos. Excited to meet up stateside.
Romania 2021!
Just heard she is joining us for training in DC
British Sewing Group goodbye
Dupe the best massage therapist ever, you just can’t beat having massages in your own home!
I loved living on a compound, friends every where you look.
Friends made through scouting.

We really loved having Margaret here to help us out in so many ways.

Margaret was awesome, she was there to clean the house, take the dog on walks, and watch Kiva well we were gone. I loved that Kiva loved her so much.- Everett

She was ver helpful, kind and very persistent.

She would get off every single stain that we would manage to get on everything. As well, she would she would watch us well our parents were gone. Also she would never give up on her work. I loved her hugs- Oliver
Kiva loved her so much.
They always argued wether or not to have the pairs in the refrigerator or just on the counter.

By the time we said good bye in July more than half of our friends had traveled for the summer, but we sure enjoyed partying it up with all those remaining.

Little friends were lots of fun.

Emily was a lot of fun and always played out side with her father and mother .
Party started at 6pm- I finally left after this picture and went to bed at 1am.

Our time was up. Out last trip to the airport. We left Dannica and Ben to work at the consulate for the summer.

So many friendships, great times, but now it is time to move on.

Everett was enjoying his drink while relaxing in the lounge. Good Service dog ready for her 12 hour flight.

With Kiva on high alert.

This is it.

Kiva stopped Everett from walking into the isle during a night terror mid flight. It was the only time she got up on her own.

Harrison was very tired and very flexible.

This is a lame post. I agree. Too many emotions and nothing we write or pictures we share will truly capture the role Nigeria has played in our lives. We are in the Washington DC area now until we move to Spain Summer 2020.

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