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Harrison’s Norway Trip

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My trip to Norway

By Harrison

Note from author: I am extremely sorry for making this so late!!! But, I hope you like it.

Day 1

leaving school and beginning flight.

Me and a friend waiting to catch our flight.

Me, lifting off out of Lagos

Me, on the plane. It was a very long flight, and we were all tired.

Day 2

Me landing and doing team building activities and archery.

Wow, I can see my house from here!

We crossed a big bridge across a fjord.

We had to go to a separate place to exchange money, but it was right next to a beautiful lake!


We hung out for a  while, skipping stones and enjoying the cold clean air.

A group photo.

These are the cabins I stayed in. I lived in the one with the green door.

We did a lot of team building exercises. For this picture, we all attached our feet to long skis and we had to walk from one rope to another rope.

We also did archery. At the last day we were at Kinsarvic there was an archery contest.

Day 3

Day long hike.


We crossed a bride as we were hiking, and I knew it was the perfect time to take a photo.

This is my favorite picture out of all of them.

It reminds me of the limitless power of nature.

Group shot.

We went to see a hydroelectric dam while we were hiking.

The thinker:

second edition

Another group shot.

This, is my second favorite picture.

Me communing with nature by meditating.

Coming back to camp.

Day 4

Canoeing, mountain climbing and zip-lining

We went canoeing in the fjord.

A guide shows how to use a canoe properly.

We first started in a lagoon, then we went into the fjord.

After that, we went mountain climbing and zip-lining.

Theres me!!

Me meditating while zip-lining. Medlining?

Day 5

Hydroelectric dam, museum and snowshoeing on glacier. 

Me at the hydroelectric dam.

Me at the museum.

I also help viking cavemen to hunt. Its just a model though.

What I imagine gods view of life in old Norway was.

There was an aquarium in the museum as well. Fish selfie!

I have always liked birds of prey…

Me at the glacier


Norway edition

Try to find out where the ground starts and the sky ends

Day 6

Transportation triathlon: we drove to a viking gift shop, then we took a ferry down a fjord.  Finally, we took a train and a bus to get back to the camp.

At the souvenir shop:

So I was right! Vikings still exist!

A beautiful view sailing through the fjord.

Look! It’s (a) Flock of Seagulls!!!

My first known train ride.

Day 7

We do a mapping activity, leave and go to our hotel.

Last day at our cabin.

My group and I doing mapping activity.

We went to a hotel to sleep for a night, but unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the hotel.

We went on a tour with our guide.

During the tour, we went to the leprocy museum, and we also went to a church built just for lepers.

It had this cool doorknob.


Afterward, we all were allowed to go on a shopping spree and go to a whole bunch of shops near our hotel.

The day after, we packed up and left for the Bergen airport to go home.


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