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First Lagos Outing


We got out on the town last weekend!  The day after the election we took the kids to a movie and got pizza at a local restaurant.  

Tires left in the road from warning people about potholes just to their right.


Very happy to be doing something outside the apartment or the GQ (the American Club).

We went and saw Despicable Me 3, and located a local IMAX theater.  I believe I know where I will be on an upcoming night in December when the next Star Wars comes out.  It was great fun.

We then went to the Pizza-Riah, a local joint which came highly recommended by our friends.  I’ve been sampling the Nigerian dishes that are served most days at the Consulate caffeteria, and some are better than others.  I hadn’t yet tried Suya though, which I had heard great things about, and the Pizza-Riah offered it as an appetizer for only ₦500, so we opted for an order of both chicken and beef.  Suya is grilled spiced meat on a stick.  Hard to go wrong with that, really, and as expected it was pretty awesome.  I need to find a place that specializes in it and go all in one of these days.  

The pizza was thin crust, cooked in a wood fired outdoor pizza oven, and it was pretty tasty.  

The Pizza-Riah.

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