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Fall in Lagos


This is a quick round up of our fall in Lagos. It was a busy season.

Oliver had his 9th birthday. He wanted a dog themed party, no swimming(can’t make it easy for mom can you) and lots of friends. Almost 40 kids showed up. It was a great day.

The kids each got their own stuffed dog that they got to make a named collar for.

We hid candy”poop” and the kids had to search for it and pick it up with dog do do bags.


Bone shaped rice crispies.


More kids


He wanted a giant cookie decorated like a dog instead of a cake. Have you noticed a theme- dogs and he always knows exactly what he wants.


Crawling through an obstacle course of yarn laser beams.


More candy searching. There was also jump rope(many kids first time) and we taught all these expat kids how to play Red Rover. Why are American games so aggressive?

We had Halloween

CLO through a great party and haunted house and the kids went trick or treating at the different compounds.


Roger as Dude Perfect- if you don’t know who that is look on Youtube.

Harrison as a viking including the hat and shield he actually bought when he was visiting Norway this year. It was easy to find Harrison in the group photos with his class because he was wearing that hat. Kid knows how to live his best life.


Oliver as Link from Legend of Zelda.


Dannica as a mermaid. All the little girls in the compound were in awe.


Ben as Sherlock’s Home.  Think about it….



I am handing out candy as the gold at the end of the rainbow. Yeah most people thought I was a fortune teller. That is what I get for costuming with what we had 10 minutes before kids started arriving.

Ben and I went to the Marine Ball again and had a lovely night. A great preparty with some friends that insisted we take adult prom pics by the pool.


Friends moved on to other posts and Karaoke was sung.


Ben and I teamed up with other friends who are scout leaders and look the boys on an awesome field trip to the US Consulate learning about fingerprinting, fake passports, the visa process, and what the Maries and DOD people do to keep us safe.


The kids all went to birthday parties. SO MANY BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!


Ben and I got to enjoy plenty of date nights. This is a new phase of our family life and we are really enjoying it, as well as some of the amazing restaurants here in Lagos.


Sunrises and sunsets here are fast, and often spectacular.




















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