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Coral Pink Sand Dune Escape

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I woke up this weekend dreaming of pink rolling sand and sun. We have had an unusally mild spring. We have only hit 90 degrees one day and the kids are often still choosing to wear long pants and shirts. This means I have been missing the sun. We have been doing many little walks, sleeping outdoors, and hanging in the hammock but it just wasn’t cutting it. I needed unadulterated sun. I needed Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park in Southern Utah.

We packed up some simple snacks and swung by the store on the way out for cheap lunchables. On that note why are kids obsessed with Lunchables. I think they are disgusting. We buy Ritz Crackers, presliced cheese, a small can of Itallian style tomato paste and peperonni. Throw in some juice boxes and mini carrots and you are set. This is actually my kids favorite picnic lunch. So easy. We packed swim suits, a sun shade, and my WooHoo, and Ben looked us some local geocaches just for fun. We decided to bring the dogs along as well.

To get to Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park the fastest and most beautiful way is to drive through Zion National Park. Two things you can count on with Zion -1- It is always stunning. 2- It is always packed. I seriously don’t know how any long term plan can fix the over crowding. It took over an hour to get through the park mostly because we were waiting to go through the tunnel. We passed the time identifying local plants and animals and of course listening to an audio book. This time The Magicians Nephew, which is actually the first book in the Narnia series. My kids always try to hold their breath while driving through tunnels. This doesn’t work so well with Zion’s tunnel. It is just too long and people drive too slow. So there was lots of bickering over one child claiming they accomplished the task and the others calling them a liar. And on and on. The sand dunes were about thirty minutes out of Zion.

We arrived and used our well loved State Parks Pass to get in. In the back ground I noticed a ranger dealing with some sand sleds and snowboards. Sandboards? I asked if they rented they said yes but they were all rented out to a large party. We found our way to a lovely pavilion for lunch then hit the dunes. It is a multi use park with many many ORV (off road vehicles). So you have to be cautious. Once we were past the busy spot the kids took off running up the largest due there.


It was a decent hike sinking into the sand but the kids flew along. Once at the top two decided to roll down. They quickly regretted the decision. It is very steep and they felt very sick afterwards. We set up our shade tent and relaxed. The kids ran, played frisbee, made sand angles and dug holes. You know all the things you do in sand. Soon a group of about 50 high school students arrived and tried their luck on the sand boards. They were amusing to watch and brought back memories of myself sandboarding in Africa in 2000.
























We headed out and hit two different geocaches on the way home. You use a GPS to find treasure boxes hidden by others. It is one of my kids favorite things. Inside the boxes there is usually a notebook and pen to write down who you are as well as little trinkets and toys you can trade out with items you brought from home. Oliver chose this special geocache coin that we will deposit in a cache in Las Vegas later this month.IMG_1572IMG_1571

We arrived home tired, but the good kind of tired. The kind where your skin is tight from the sun, your heart content from family, and your mind full of thoughts over the days adventures.

Adventure Rating:6

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