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Bucket List-2015

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Most people call them New Year Resolutions. I decided last year that that wasn’t for me. See I am really pretty good at setting and accomplishing most goals. All resolutions do is give me more things to obsess about. Not healthy. So last year my resolution was not about doing more, but about doing less. I vowed to only spend 20% of my time doing things I really didn’t want to do. You would be shocked at one such resolution having such an impact in my life. My career, spirituality, and family all took a unique and lovely turn and I ended the year with truly spending very little time in my day to day activities on things I would not have chosen. Such peace. What I really learned was how to say no. Why is this so hard? I can say yes and accomplish things all the time, but saying no was like piranha on my nipples.



Two days pre New Year and I am pondering things for next year. I am no longer doing resolutions however I am going to choose things of joy to check off my Bucket List every year.

This years bucket list proponents are as follows:

Learning a martial art. I am taking weekly Tai Chi class and working on it several days a week.

I am going to do a two day Rim to Rim backpacking Grand Canyon hike. I need to work off this Holiday weight and hit the hills to be ready.

I will complete another full year of sign language classes. Just in case for Harrison and it has always been a goal.

I will learn how to pick a lock. My dad taught me how to do simple ones as a child. I have an uncle that is a local lock smith. I am going to see if I can spend some time apprenticing with him.

Things that got crossed off the list that I thought I would do in 2016:

Taking a Master Gardner training from the Utah State Extension Office. I had always wanted to do this but I just discovered that they only teach the Southern Utah classes from the Northern Utah handbook when really we need more like Phoenix or Las Vegas. Waste.

Speak at a National Midwifery Conference Quitting midwifery has nixed that goal.

Archery  I think this may have to go permanently but at least for 2016. I started learning several years ago but holding a baby on my hip and midwifery caused carpal tunnel type pain in my wrists. I then fractured my wrist three years ago at a birth. Ok it wasn’t actually at the birth it may have been hitting the vending machine at the rest stop on the way home from the birth. Then I have ganglion cysts that I need to have surgery on this winter. I just feel like it is a no go.

Saltwater aquarium This one isn’t off the list forever but I imagine for ten years or so. I have finally figured out how to really keep my 55 gallon, 20 gallon, and 10 gallon fresh water tanks alive and well and just feel overwhelmed by salt water right now. Some day though. JELLYFISH!


I tend to have a word that just comes up in a certain year. I use it in conversation. It is something I look for in interactions and with in myself. The word this past year has been



It has been huge for me and I saw such transformation. This next years word will be Enthusiasm I think. I am almost forgotten how to be truly excited about something I have little control over. Not in 2016

Do you do New Year Resolutions?

Have you found you have a word for each year?



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