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Because Marketers can Sell ANYTHING to Pregnant Women


Music increases brain development —> Parents want smart offspring—> Let’s make it easier for the baby to hear music in the womb.

Seems simple enough, but no. Just no.

A company has come up with a internal tampon speaker to get the music as close to baby as possible. This has so many things wrong with it.


Here are a few of the ones that graced my brain:

  1. Increase the chances of Group Beta Strep (GBS) infection in the baby. Most women have GBS in their digestive tract and it causes no problems. Because of how close the rectum and vagina are in women, whiping front to back etc. GBS can migrate into the vaginal canal. This occurs in about 30% of women. Babies who are exposed to GBS in utero are more likely to have an infection at birth requiring antibiotics and care and in rare cases death. The more fumbling around in her nether regions done by a very pregnant woman to put in and take out this magic musical tampon the greater the chance of infection.
  2. Other vaginal infections like yeast and bacterial vaginosis are already more common in pregnancy. Lets not mess with a tool that goes in and out scratching and irritating already sensitive areas.
  3. My husband joked that songs with much base might break the water. Which is probably not true but infection is more likely to end with premature rupture of membranes.
  4. Save the money and spend it on quality childbirth classes that will teach you to trust your body. Pregnancy, birth and parenting is something that has existed for generations. Find someone who will support you in that intuitive fact.

Come on ladies! We are better than this. Keep your money!

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