Life Unparalleled

Loving Life as a Foreign Service Family – Current Parallel 6° 27' North- Lagos, Nigeria

About The Gordons

Welcome! Life’s experiences have brought us many joys and trials and along with these come a level of wisdom and a knack of faking it ’till you make it. Dy spent much of her previous life delivering babies as a midwife and homeschooling our 4 amazing kids. Her current life is full of writing, learning, world-traveling, volunteering, yogaing, and cuisine preparing. She has a knack for figuring out the best, most efficient and even sometimes FUN way to do things. Ben is a marathon running, medieval re-enacting former Utah attorney, fun dad, and new diplomat with the United Stated Foreign Service. Sometimes in order to qualify as good at life you just have to LIVE. Enjoy our journey as we experience life to the fullest where ever we are.